Horizon rochdale manufacture and install our own doors, we have a large selection of designers available and also provide custom made doors to suit your individual style or design.

We can provide you a door for your residential property or for any commercial project or for any replacement work which need to be catered for.

Don’t be misled by bargain-basement prices for replacement windows—you get what you pay for. Cheap, low-quality replacement windows often begin to fail in just months, leaving you with high energy bills and an uncomfortable home—not to mention ongoing problems and lost performance.

Composite Doors

[img src=]6730
[img src=]5960
[img src=]5440
[img src=]5150
[img src=]5090
[img src=]7100
[img src=]5650
[img src=]5831
[img src=]5200
[img src=]5250
[img src=]4910
[img src=]4690
[img src=]4460
[img src=]4440
[img src=]4730
[img src=]4621
[img src=]4850
[img src=]4550
[img src=]4130
[img src=]4180
[img src=]4120
[img src=]4050
[img src=]3900
[img src=]3940
[img src=]3861
[img src=]4080
[img src=]3730
[img src=]4260
[img src=]3900
[img src=]3750
[img src=]3630
[img src=]3580
[img src=]3750
[img src=]3620
[img src=]4140
[img src=]4240
[img src=]4100
[img src=]4080
[img src=]4090
[img src=]3610
[img src=]3420
[img src=]3600
[img src=]3431
[img src=]3330
[img src=]3210
[img src=]3490
[img src=]3530
[img src=]4140
[img src=]3540
[img src=]3650
[img src=]3500
[img src=]3290
[img src=]3271
[img src=]3410
[img src=]3240
[img src=]3130
[img src=]3060
[img src=]2890
[img src=]2870
[img src=]2960
[img src=]3970
[img src=]3480
[img src=]3080
[img src=]3290
[img src=]3350
[img src=]3440
[img src=]3370
[img src=]3310
[img src=]3170
[img src=]3210
[img src=]3460
[img src=]4020
[img src=]3550

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